Stakes Replays

Gigahertz (2017) ARG
Cityscape out of Gigabyte by Green Means Go
Scotish Star (2017) ARG
Key Deputy out of Scarlatt by Orpen
Espirita (LR) (ARG)
Oct. 6, 2019
Gringa Unica (2015) ARG
Cityscape out of Gringa Nativa by Orpen
Porteño (G3) (ARG)
Apr. 26, 2019
Simbora (2015) ARG
Cityscape out of Siembra Azul by El Sembrador
Omnium (LR) (ARG)
Feb. 23, 2019
Little Gem (2014) ARG
Pure Prize out of Lideranza by Carson City
Francia (LR) (ARG)
Jan. 27, 2019
Little Gem (2014) ARG
Pure Prize out of Lideranza by Carson City
Little Gem (2014) ARG
Pure Prize out of Lideranza by Carson City
Lamadrid (LR) (ARG)
Aug. 18, 2018
Sinigual (2014) ARG
Pure Prize out of Sirga by Southern Halo
On The Road (2015) ARG
Quick Road out of Intuicao Direta by Roi Normand
Unno (2013) ARG
Orpen out of Unitas by Bernstein

Next entries

Huritt SSI Today 12ª 17:30 CdCd 1100m Comalal
Guinard MMAR 15may2115May21 15:00 CdCd 1000m Guara Del Sur
Gran Mulata MMAR 16may2116May21 17:30 CdCd 1400m Guara Del Sur
Last Stake Winners

17mar2117Mar21 SSI Gigahertz (Cityscape) 2200m 1°/6
3oct203Oct20 PPAL Scotish Star (Key Deputy) 1600m 1°/16
6oct196Oct19 SSI Gringa Unica (Cityscape) 1800m 1°/6
26apr1926Apr19 SSI Simbora (Cityscape) 2400m 1°/7
23feb1923Feb19 SSI Little Gem (Pure Prize) 1400m 1°/7
27jan1927Jan19 SSI Little Gem (Pure Prize) 1200m 1°/7
20nov1820Nov18 PPAL Little Gem (Pure Prize) 1200m 1°/6
18aug1818Aug18 SSI Sinigual (Pure Prize) 1000m 1°/14
28jul1828Jul18 SSI On The Road (Quick Road) 1600m 1°/12
9mar189Mar18 SSI Unno (Orpen) 1200m 1°/6
19oct1719Oct17 HHCH Hinz (Pure Prize) 1000m 1°/6
20jul1720Jul17 HHCH Hinz (Pure Prize) 1000m 1°/9
8jul178Jul17 HHCH Hinz (Pure Prize) 1000m 1°/9
24may1724May17 SSI Bavarian Girl (Zensational) 1200m 1°/6
9apr179Apr17 LLP Scarlatti (Easing Along) 1200m 1°/5
Last wins and placed

8may218May21 MMAR Langston (Key Deputy) CdCd 1500m 2°/11
6may216May21 SSI Energetics (Cityscape) CdCd 1600m 1°/6
5may215May21 SSI Griffe Azarro (Treasure Beach) CdCd 1600m 3°/10
3may213May21 PPAL Beaujoais (Orpen) CdCd 1600m 3°/6
30apr2130Apr21 SSI Sempre Viva (Cityscape) CdCd 1400m 4°/8
24apr2124Apr21 LLP Movie Like (Full Mast) CdCd 1400m 4°/9
24apr2124Apr21 LLP Girl On Fire (Cityscape) 1300m 4°/8
23apr2123Apr21 SSI Joe Happy (Global Hunter) CdCd 2000m 3°/7
21apr2121Apr21 SSI Appolinaire (Cityscape) CdCd 2000m 3°/8
20apr2120Apr21 LLP Judah (Cityscape) CdCd 1500m 1°/8
20apr2120Apr21 LLP Numeraux (Global Hunter) CdCd 1500m 2°/8
18apr2118Apr21 MMAR Langston (Key Deputy) CdCd 1400m 2°/16
13apr2113Apr21 LLP Cragganmore (Orpen) CdCd 1600m 1°/8
10apr2110Apr21 SSI Kodiak Boy (Treasure Beach) CdCd 1400m 2°/10
7apr217Apr21 SSI Rishikesh (Pure Prize) CdCd 1600m 3°/12